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Business Plans and Financial Proposals

»    Successful businesses are well planned and well capitalized.
»    The well capitalized business has the ability to access capital when needed.
»    Being well planned will help you to be well capitalized.

A Business Plan is the expressed master guide for a business' success.
It is an active blueprint that integrates the venture's marketing, operational and financial assumptions.

A Business Plan and a Financial Proposal are closely related. In fact, a good business plan, updated periodically, makes the most powerful proposal a small business can have.

A logically arranged and reasonably complete business plan and financial proposal will:

Fulfill the need for business analysis and formulation of a strategic vision for the company;
Present a set of financial forecasts based on rational assumptions about the future and the business experience    of the managers of the company and the authors of the plan;
Provide a tool for measuring and improving performance and a basis for sound decision making;
Set budgeting guidelines, — including a working capital budget and a break-even analysis of the particular    business;
Help determine the amount and kinds of financing most appropriate for the specific business;
Give financing sources specific and persuasive information about the particular business opportunity to be    pursued, — information they need to make swift, accurate and helpful decisions.

Plan lengths vary. A business plan such as above, even for a modest start-up looking for some $100,000 in seed capital, may need some 20 pages; and a plan for a major venture requiring investment in facilities could go to 40 or 60 pages.
But, whatever its length, a business plan should be well written, to the point, logically structured, complete, clear, and accurate.

The preparation of a Business Plan enables the entrepreneurs to: --- focus strategic thinking --- eliminate unneccessary risks --- and increase potential for business success.

Business survival statistics show that 90% of all new businesses fail. Our experience shows that this is a direct result of the failure to plan. We will assist you to be well planned so you can become one of the 10% who succeed!


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