Efrain Conrique and Associates
Business Formations
We help turn our clients’ vision, experience, and passion into successful ventures.

We consult, coach and manage at all stages of the incubation process — from the time entrepreneurs first dream about their ideas until they are up, running, and on their way to success.

We expand our clients’ capabilities by filling critical gaps in their resources and experience.

We help remove obstacles and bottlenecks, keep the process moving in the right direction,
expedite business planning, build and bring teams together, and find and maintain focus.

And we assist in their seeking of capital.

We provide startups with a range of Business Management and technical support services.

Management services:

Identify startup strengths and deficiencies and provide informed feedback
Suggest strategic direction
Locate key personnel
Assist in locating investors and support financing efforts
Propose methods for operational efficiency and maximizing profits
Recommend accounting, technical and other professional practitioners

Technical Support:

Prepare strategic Business Plan for the operation or Financial Proposal for investors
Structuring company/venture as corporation, LLC, joint venture, etc.
Compose descriptive memorandum to submit to prospective investors
Determine business “value” to determine investor(s) equity in merger or acquisition
Assist in the negotiations and documentation for business acquisition
Perform cost analyses and price surveys for establishing company pricing for its products and services
Consultative support to overcome technical hurdles on products and services and speed time to market

For Established Companies

Our Business Development Bureau provides companies beyond the startup stage with the basic services provided to startups, plus additional dimensions of management and technical support aimed at achieving substantial growth in profitability and market valuation.

Once the company has achieved certain milestones, we may help to represent the company as an investment opportunity to larger investors. Part of this job is to help management create a new “corporate story,” based on solid accomplishments, that will have positive acceptance in the financial community.

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