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Mr. Efrain Conrique is the senior member of Efrain Conrique and Associates and has been operating this business development management consultants’ firm since 1967. The organization services clients throughout Southern California, Central and Northern Mexico.

Mr. Conrique specializes in business operational problems and turnarounds; business formations, mergers and acquisitions; and business valuations. Prior to establishing this consultants' offices, Mr. Conrique filled a variety of senior administrative, technical and executive positions in local industrial organizations.

The activities of this firm focus on guiding clients in all sectors of business and industry on methods to improve or turnaround the efficiency and profitability of their business operations, or the requirements for the successful start-up of a business enterprise:

Analyze the firm’s costs, finances, sales history, market, personnel and operating methods and procedures so    as to be able to establish a business’ valuation, and to suggest specific areas for strategic improvement and    control to maximize value to the owners/shareholders.

Provide guidance and assistance in the preparation of those business plans required to start a business    enterprise or acquire a complementary business concern, and define the capitalization necessary to provide the    working and/or expansion funds required to perform an efficient and profitable level of business activity.

Perform periodical monitoring of business operations to ensure meeting goals established in the business    plans or turnaround strategies.

Mr. Conrique has been certificated by the California State Community Colleges Board and the State Board of Education as an instructor on business and industrial management subjects. He is an instructor and lecturer to business concerns and professional organizations on techniques of business valuations, management and control systems and procedures, and has published articles on various management subjects and regional economic development analyses for national professional publications.

Email: Conrique@BusinessDevelopmentBureau.com

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